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Running Lyrebird

The following guide assumes you have installed Lyrebird globally and added your ~/.pub-cache/bin folder to your system's PATH variable.

Currently, Lyrebird only supports opening a set of .ARB files located in a single directory. To launch Lyrebird, run


in the directory containing your l10n.yaml project file. This will start a local HTTP server which serves the Lyrebird web application as well as your Application Resource Bundles to your browser.

Open the highlighted URL printed to the console in a browser of your choice to open the web application and start editing.

Additional options

If the project file is not located in the current working directory or is not named l10n.yaml, you can specify the file path via a CLI parameter.

lyrebird --project ./path/to/project.yaml

For a full list of options, run

lyrebird --help

Saving files

To save the file you are currently editing, use the Ctrl+S shortcut (or Cmd+S on MacOS).